Country Creep

Back in 2007, I was working at the downtown Chapters location on Robson and Howe, whilst still living at home in North Delta. I was on my way home from a closing shift and from Scott Road Station, I boarded the 312 bus to my house. It was already around 12 – 12:30 at this point and I really just wanted to get home after a long day.

I find a seat at the back of the bus (my mistake) and put on my headphones and start listening to some music on my Ipod. At some point, a guy comes up to me, takes the headphone out of my left ear and told me that I had terrible taste in music and tells me to put on some Johnny Cash to listen together. I was terrified, so I did as he said. He kept making small talk, which I went along with and he starts talking about his poetry.

Long story short, he makes me read his note book of “poetry”, which was really country pop song lyrics with terrible spelling and then trying to make a coffee date with me. I told him I had a boyfriend, but he wouldn’t relent. I ended up getting off the bus 2 stops early so he wouldn’t know where I lived.

To this day, I will not sit at the back of the bus or take transit late at night without another person.


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