Death Threats and Unhelpful Bystanders (25/f)

I think it’s just marvelous that there were two Skytrain Employees that boarded the train to check fares on my ride home. They got off with a nice, quiet person who hadn’t paid the appropriate fare.

One stop later, two large, drunk men boarded the train. They decided that they were irresistible to women, and that I, like all other women in their little world, wanted to (and I quote) “fall all over their dicks”. I moved down the train to a different seat. They decided to yell out random names, trying to guess mine. These names included “Shamu”. When this failed to make me fall for their charms, they tried talking about how they were going to shoot me in the head. Wow guys, way to go! I want you so bad now. Nothing like death threats to turn a girl on. They got off the train at my station…I stayed on the train and took a longer route home. Throughout all this, they were watching me, so I felt it would be unwise the push the alarm strip that I have to stand up and reach for. I just sat and did my best to read my book. There were at least three other people who could hear and see exactly what these men were doing to me, and merely watched it for five stops and did nothing. Not even push the damn alarm themselves. I guess I just have to stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong…I find it satisfying to call the authorities and let them deal with people like that. When I see bad situations happening and I can help make them better by pushing an alarm button, calling the police, etc, I do it. Geez, I’m such a freak.


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