Double Nightmare Deluxe (2 stories, 20/f)

One afternoon I was taking the 7 Dunbar down Granville. My boyfriend and I walked to the back of the very crowded bus and sat across from each other on the sides of the U-shaped area at the back. In the corner at the back, a man was speaking with a particularly radio-suited voice about two men, both named Jason. I found myself completely intrigued by what he was saying (I’m a bit nosey, I’ll admit). It was honestly like poetry. At the next stop, the person sitting next to my boyfriend got up and left, so I stood up to fill that seat. As I stood up, I looked over to the man with the Jasons story with a smile, only to be met with one of the most frightening responses: “Don’t you ever fucking look at me you fucking little bitch. You fucking cunt. I swear to fucking god, if you ever look back at me I will stab you in the fucking throat with this pen. Cunt. That’s right, you don’t even move, fucking bitch.” I was completely petrified and everyone in that area of the bus was silent, listening to this man threaten my life. “I want to watch you fucking bleed if you fucking think you can look at me. Fuck this I’m getting the fuck out of here. CUNT!” he said as he shuffled out of his seat, and out the back door as the bus screeched to a stop.
Another terrible experience was on the 701 to Haney Place. I get off in Pitt Meadows, but have the pleasure of sharing the space of the bus for 20-25 minutes with some of the scumiest scum of the earth. This day, I sat on the first seat following the accordion-like area of a double bus. There were two guys sitting on the facing seats on that pivoting spot, legs extended so as to take up as much room as possible. They cracked a Colt 45 to share. Then, they proceeded to share stories of various sexual pursuits, many about what girls in Maple Ridge give the best head. Next, one of the men said, “I’m going to this party with (female name) and (female) name.” To which the other replied, “Fuck that! Two bitches? Man I’m coming over and I’m going to fuck (female name). She thinks she’s so fucking innocent but those are the best chicks to fuck. They get so fucking nasty.” Then, to add insult to injury of my already fuming state at having to endure this obnoxious misogyny, he continues, “Like that chick there.” POINTING AT ME, LOOKING AT ME. “I bet she likes it fucking dirty.”

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