The Last Skytrain (f/no age given)

I was taking the last skytrain to the Park and Ride at Scott Road. It being the last train I was the only one in the particular car. Three very High individuals, and they were clearly high on something not drunk, got on the train at New West. One came over sat directly behind me, bent over smelled my hair and said, “Did you have a good night Pretty?” I said that I wasn’t comfortable with how close he was sitting to me and that he was kind of creeping me out. Then he started screaming, “I’m not fucking creepy”, and other angry yelling it was a while ago now so I can’t remember specifically. Thankfully they got off at Columbia as I was debating whether it was safer to just go all the way to King George in hopes they’d get off the train at Surrey Central or to risk being followed to my car at Scott Road. That was the last time I ever took the last train home by myself and I don’t intend too ever again. I just don’t drink and drive my car.

There have been many instances similar to this, but too many times to remember specifics.


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