Transit Baggage

I frequently take the bus out to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal; that bus is constantly very busy  on weekends when folks like me are trying to get to Vancouver Island.

One Friday I was on one of these buses, standing at the back. I was chatting to a lady who I had met at the bus stop who was sitting down. I never really mind standing on buses because I am fit and capable of doing so, especially when there are others with baggage that find it more difficult. A group of young guys (who had decided it was appropriate to open some Caribous on the bus), took notice of me, and started making really inappropriate comments.

One guy offered me a seat on his lap, another commenting on what nice legs I have, another asking if I ‘wanted to join their party’. I responded by asking for them to please leave me alone, not being able to move away from them because the bus was too busy. They then started making comments on how I was a bitch, they were just trying to be nice, and that they were just complementing me. They didn’t stop the comments.

For the whole bus ride, they kept making comments about me, and no one on the bus saw fit to back me up when I tried standing up for myself. I have faith in humanity, but in that moment I was pretty disappointed in everyone.


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