Yeah, This Counts. (21/f)

I have a story for you, I think. I’m honestly not sure because he didn’t actually say/do anything sexual, but it was definitely harrassment.

Back when I was at SFU Surrey, I had to take the 410 from 22nd Station to get home to Richmond. One night (it was winter, so it was dark already, like 6 or 7 at night) I got on first, was able to grab the 2 seater with the window, directly behind the back exit. That’s about a 40 minute bus ride.

The bus filled up, and a young man probably 3-4 years older than me at the time (24, 25?) sat down next to me. I was already listening to music and the bus went on its way. 5-10 minutes into the journey, he starts making polite conversation and I indulge because I’m too polite not to. All fine and dandy. I didn’t really want to talk but he was being nice enough.

That’s when I felt him push his foot against mine, like he was almost trying to push it out of the way. I leave it where it is and think nothing of it, because the guy’s continuing to make conversation as if he’s not doing anything. Continue to make conversation.

Then he surreptitiously takes his shoe off and starts rubbing his foot (I can still feel his vaguely damp sweat sock) on my foot. I never really wore winter appropriate shoes, so my ballet flatted feet were exposed to his…feet caresses. The conversation was still pleasant, but I was wigged out. But I kept being polite because I felt uncomfortable and I had no where else to go, since I was sitting at the window seat and the bus was full and I wasn’t getting off until almost the end of the line.

This literally went on for 30 minutes until I could get off. I was half expecting him to grope me on my way out but when it was my turn to get off, he just turned his legs to the side (where I could see 100% that he wasn’t wearing a shoes), wished me a good day and I got off the bus.

I felt SUPER gross but I still don’t know if it counts as sexual harrassment :/


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