99(b-line) Problems (23/f)

I got on the back doors of a 99 at Cambie and noticed a free seat beside an innocent looking old homeless man who appeared to be asleep in one of the seats right across from the doors. I sat down next to him and he immediately started shifting and moving his elbows and hands in the direction of my lap. I began to get very uncomfortable so I went to stand up and he suddenly threw one of his arms hard against me to stop me as his hands grasped for the handles of my purse. I managed to shake free of him and yelled “excuse me!” really loud. He then proceeded to scream nonsense at me until he got off at Granville. He was saying something along the lines of “beauty will not be a blessing forever” and was (far less eloquently) calling me a vapid young woman. People on the bus just kind of stared and a one woman asked me if I was okay. I’ve since seen the same man numerous times on the 99 completely out of his wits, grumbling and yelling about anything and everything.



A friend and I were waiting for the 99 on Broadway and Cambie when a large, 50-ish year old man with long sweaty hair walked up behind us and said “I want to get caught… I want to get caught tearing you girls apart.” He then proceeded to walk away as my friend and I started at each other in mixed horror and disgust. My friend yelled back at him to behave himself and he just shrugged, laughed and kept walking. Not exactly harassment ON transit but we were waiting for transit so maybe it still counts?


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