Flash n’ Dash (21/F)

I was on a very full bus on my way to work in the morning. As we stopped to pick up even more passengers I noticed one man was acting odd. As a frequent transit user, I have a general understanding of how fellow transit users generally act so though there was nothing standing out about this man I knew something wasn’t right. Sure enough, after everyone else waiting at the stop had gotten on the bus, this man made eye contact with me, lifted his jacket and exposed himself to me. I couldn’t believe it and no one else on the bus seemed to notice. He was smirking as the bus pulled away. He was probably in his 40s and did this across the street from a preschool or daycare.

I called the cops on the guy. They haven’t found him yet but they have a sketch and my full willingness to pick him out of a line up if they do catch him.


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