Underaged and Outraged (f/16)

A few years back, maybe three or four, I was taking a bus in Lynn Valley with a group of friends. We were on our way to a friend’s house for a party. Myself and a friend were sitting side by side, while another friend (who was 16 at the time) was across from us.

As soon as we got on the bus a very drunk man maybe in his late 20s began harassing my 16 year old friend. He was sitting behind her and kept trying to interrupt our conversation to tell her how beautiful she was and asking where she was going, where she lived etc. After being told a few times to back off, it was finally his stop. He stood up to leave, but instead of exiting, he leaned over and began to grab at my friends thighs, trying to “tickle” her. Thank goodness he was so drunk and it was easy to grab his collar and somewhat forcefully direct him to the door.

It was lucky that she had friends on the bus but I shudder to think how far it could have gone if she hadn’t. Especially since the bus driver didn’t even seem to notice.


One thought on “Underaged and Outraged (f/16)

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