Belly Of The Bus Beast

This happened about a year ago on the Expo Line going towards Surrey. I was on the train, there were about 6 other people on with me, when this man, who looked like he worked in construction as he has paint on his shoes and pants, came on. He seemed harmless at first, we made eye-contact and exchanged a meaningless smile, but then he began to act very strange. He started by throwing the newspapers in the air and at the doors and windows yelling “HA-TA” as he did it. I could tell that this was making people very uncomfortable but no one spoke up. When we reached Edmonds he got up and tapped on my shoulder so I would look up at him. He then gave himself a double chin and pointed at it then pointed at my chin and hysterically laughed at me. He then pushed his jacket under his shirt to give him a “belly” and pointed at it then pointed at my stomach and laughed as he got off the train. Now I’m not the skinniest and I know that and am comfortable with that. But in that moment I had never felt so low about myself. And the fact that no one on the train attempted to stop him or ask if I was ok after the incident made it that much worse.


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