Boxing Day Death Threats

This was years ago but I remember it well – it was Boxing Day 2005. I
got on the Skytrain at Edmonds Station at about noon. At the back of
the last car, a white male in his 30s and a 7-year-old boy were
talking up four seats. There were no other seats open so I asked the
man if I could sit down. He just glared at me so I moved his backpack
to the empty seat next to him and then sat down. He started in with
“What do you think you’re doing? What’s your problem?” I said “hey,
I’m disabled, I’m on my way to work.” Then he got rolling with the
gendered insults. “Dumb cunt! Whiny bitch! Now you’re going to tell me
how hard your life is and I should feel sorry for you!” I said “No”
and pulled out a book. He was quiet for a few minutes and then he
started up again, calling me names and getting more agitated. I said
“Leave me alone” and ignored him and pretended to read.

Then he said, “If you touch my son, I’ll kill you.” I said “What?” He
said “I’ll kill you if you do anything to my son.”  I said, “OH HELL
NO” and got up and went to the centre of the car, said “Excuse me” to
the woman sitting there, and pushed the alarm button by the door. He
was shouting at me from the back. “Oh so now you’re going to run away
huh? You’re getting off the train?”

I said “No, I called security. YOU’RE getting off.” We’d puled into
the station, the doors were open, and the train stayed stopped because
I’d pressed the alarm.

There was a pause of about twenty seconds while we looked at each
other and everyone else in the train avoided making eye contact. Then
the man got up, grabbed his son’s hand and walked up to the middle of
the car while I watched him. He had his head down and he walked out
the doors. I watched him go up the stairs. Seconds later, two security
officers arrived in a hurry. I explained the guy was talking about
killing me, gave them a description of the man and the boy and pointed
at which way they went.

That was the end of the incident.  I don’t think they followed the man
or made a report. They just said, “OK he’s gone, have a good day


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