Close Sitter (F/26)

Twice I’ve had to deal with ‘close sitters’ on the number 3 bus. The first time a man in early 50’s sat next to me though the bus was half empty and he could have chosen one of a number of single seats. I didn’t think too much of it until he started shifting closer and closer to me, until our legs were touching. Again, I found it strange but thought that maybe it was unintentional. He then started running his hand up his leg, touching mine as well because he was seated so close to me. I confronted him and he got up and promptly left the bus but it really disturbed me.

The second time this happened a different man in his late 40s sat uncomfortably close to me though the bus was close to empty. He began to eye me up and down and even though the first encounter had happened several years before, I immediately felt uncomfortable and left the bus even though I was no where near my stop.

Waiting 20 minutes for the next bus is far less painful than having to deal with sexual harassment on the bus.


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