Do the Creep (X3) (31/f)

I have three stories for your project.


Item the first: 

I was riding the SkyTrain west towards Main Street station. This random dude asked me where I was going, and I said home. He asked me where that was. I refused to tell him. He said he was going home to Maple Ridge. I told him he was on the wrong train and that he should change trains at Main Street. He asked if he could come home with me. I emphatically told him to get lost. He continued to follow me as I got off the train and onto the bus that would take me home. I kept telling him to go away but he kept telling me he was coming home with me.

I got off the bus 15 stops early and walked home.


Item the second:

I was riding the 99 B Line eastbound during the evening rush hour. It was packed, as always. I was holding onto one of the yellow poles and this man came up behind me, grabbed the poles on either side of me and leaned into me. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first as it was super packed, but then I realized he was grinding his crotch into my back. I was so stunned, I didn’t have the wherewithal to smash my skull into his nose. All I remember about him is that he had disgusting fingernails. He got off at Cambie and leered at me. I was scared to ride the B Line for months after that.

I still keep my eyes open for creepy thumbs when I ride. This was three years ago. I wrote an I Saw You about it, in fact:


Item the third:

I was riding the 20 Commercial this past July, sitting alone in a two-person seat. Despite there being a multitude of empty seats, this older gentleman decided to park his ass next to me.

At first I thought he was just squishing into me as he was a bit on the larger side. Then he put his hand on my leg and started asking me invasive personal questions: do you have a husband? A boyfriend? Would you come and clean my house once a week?

I bit my lip to keep from crying and noped the fuck off that bus at the next stop.

So those are just three of my stories. I routinely give men fake names if they ask me on the bus now because I’m super terrified of creeps.


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