Grabby Gus and the Yucky Bus (f/no age given)

I have two main stories.  One was a man who sat down next to me and slightly had his hand on my leg.  I was intoxicated and thought that it was nothing but his hand slowly made its way up my leg, until I stood up and yelled “stop touching me”.

The second time, it was a crowded 10 bus during rush hour and this man was standing strangely with his crotch very close to my face.  I have issues with people being too close to me so I thought I was just being paranoid, until I saw a male friend of my on the bus and we said hi.  Then the man standing near me, moved to the front of the bus.  Then I realized that he was sticking his crotch in my face.

I have also been offered dates, been told I looked “too lesbian”(my haircut), offered threesomes, had guys offer themselves to come home with me and general annoyances.


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