Married to Self-Preservation

I’ve known I’m not alone in these experiences, since many of my female friends have had similar unpleasant instances, including men rubbing themselves against part of our body.  It has happened multiple times on many types of transit forms. I gave up riding transit at night after one instance where a passenger continued to utter violent threats, and the bus driver did nothing.  During the day, I resorted to wearing a fake engagement ring – I’ve noticed the harassment reduced to almost 0 when I do this.  But it also makes me feel devalued, like a fraud.  I got tired of the hassle of translink and ended up buying a car and paying for gas and insurance I can barely afford. Because lets face it, transit isn’t safe.  I’d rather be in control of who I let in my personal bubble, than worry about being stalked home, felt up, and verbally harassed simply because I need to get from point A to point B.

I wasn’t sure exactly what info you’re looking for, but hopefully this helps


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