Not Hot No Matter What

This happened when I was 18 and 12 years later, it still makes me uncomfortable thinking about it.

I was riding the Bline from downtown back home to Richmond around 8pm. I had a backpack on my lap. The bus wasn’t that packed so maybe I should have paid more attention when an older guy (40s) chose the spot right next to me. However, I was also intent on zoning out and reading my book/listening to music. About 40 minutes into the ride, so pretty much at the end of my trip, I notice that he’s placed his hand on my upper thigh near my crotch! As soon as I noticed he whisked it away and acted like nothing had happened. I was shocked and confused. No idea how long he’d had it there, but probably most of the trip. I got up and moved. I never reported it because I was so embarrassed. When I told a friend, he said “That would have been hot if the guy had been young.”


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