Terrible Triad

I was on the 20 bus, which always has a generally good-natured rowdiness about it, on my way up the Drive to see a friend for lunch. I sat in the rear section of the bus, beside the door. A young man sat down across from me (a few years younger than me). I had my trusty headphones in (the dear bits of technology that shield me every single day from the DAILY comments and advances that come with being a woman that dares to leave her house ever). I didn’t make eye contact, I instead looked down to mp3 player and pretended to be picking a song, but instead turned the music off so I could hear what was happening, because I KNEW that this man would be an issue.

He proceeded to talk to me, well talk AT me. Telling me how fuckable I am (his words) and that I would look amazing on my knees. A man on my left (unrelated, as far as I know) starts giggling and commiserating with the original. “She’s got her headphones in yo she can’t even hear you” “I know bro, can’t even give bitches compliments these days”.

A third man at the back of the bus also starts laughing and going on about how indeed I am “fuckable”. At this point I was still head-down in my mp3 player, but starting to shake. Instead of doing what I wanted to do (beat the living shit out of these assholes) I pulled the cord and got off the bus well ahead of my scheduled stop.


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