Trainbus to TroubleTown

I have been propositioned, harassed and witnessed other people put up with the same so many times I couldn’t remember all the stories. Here’s one that I can remember.

Recently I was taking the West Coast Express Trainbus home after work and a man got on it who seemed like he was drunk. He went into the bathroom and was yelling cause the light wasn’t working and everyone perked up that there was a crazy person on the bus. I had my stuff on the seat beside me and there were tons of empty seats on the bus but of course he had to sit in the seat beside me (sometimes I think there is a sign on my head telling all the creeps to bother me). He sat on my stuff and I said ‘excuse me but you’re sitting on my stuff’ hoping he’d take a hint and leave. He just leered at me and grinned and said ‘oh sooooorry’ and i said ‘no problem, i’m leaving anyway’ (I have since found my voice but if this was 10 years ago I would have just stayed there and put up with it and maybe had another greyhound incident) I grabbed my things and got up to another seat and he yelled ‘OH OKAY, I’M NOT OFFENDED OR ANYTHING’ then he got up and sat beside a lady in front of me. I was so happy I had the guts to get up and move but he continued to make the lady in front of me uncomfortable, several times leaning in very close to her face, putting his arm around her several times. She was a lot older and she told him that wasn’t acceptable but he was clearly drunk and pretended to laugh it off, and keep trying. No one else on the bus said anything throughout any of this. I am really surprised the bus driver even let this man on the bus, normally the WCE has no problems. One lady sitting across the aisle from them asked if she was okay and she said yes, she was standing up for herself pretty well but she still shouldn’t have had to put up with it.


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