How’s the Weather Up There? (f/no age given)

Two years ago, my friend came to visit from the island. We were taking the Skytrain home from Metrotown on a Saturday afternoon.
My friend is a very tall, skinny red-head. As we were talking on the ride home, a guy kept staring at us. I’m used to the weird things that happen on Translink, but could see that it was making my friend very uncomfortable. Just as I asking her if she wanted to get off at the next stop to check out a shop (just so we could get away from the guy), the guy stood up and wedged himself between me and her. Standing less than a foot away from her, he simply says “You’re a tall motherfucker, aren’t you?” and continues to make comments like this as she stuttered, unsure of what to say. His comments escalated to words like c**t and whore. While he was doing this, I was trying to pull my friend away while politely telling him to go away, but he kept wedging himself between me and my friend. At this point, my friend was on the verge of tears and I was about to punch his lights out, so I got between him and her and flat out told him to back off or I was going to hurt him. He started threatening me and spat in my face. As soon as the train stopped, I pushed my friend off the train and kept facing him, getting ready to defend either of us as we got off. Luckily, he didn’t follow.

Sad thing is, the train was fairly busy and no one batted an eye.


3 thoughts on “How’s the Weather Up There? (f/no age given)

    • If he was that violent without provocation, I understand her initial polite reaction. Obviously, when she did stand up for herself by threatening to be violent back, he spit in her face. Easily could have escalated from there.

  1. I am a skytrain attendant and have experienced similar abuse in my job. The worst part always is, in my opinion, the people who stand around and do nothing. If they don’t feel comfortable stepping in, I understand, but there are silent alarms and intercom alarms on every train.

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