Alone in a Sea of People (16/f)

I was 16. It was my birthday. Despite this fact, I had to take the skytrain to my summer job. I wore a white polka dot dress for the occasion.
It was a typical morning commute to Main Street skytrain. I had managed to get a seat near the doors. An older man came on the skytrain and sat close to me. He struck up a conversation with me. I politely conversed with him.  He told me I was beautiful and kept touching my leg. I was 16. I felt uncomfortable. I was alone. Despite a full train of commuters, I was alone. We were approaching 29th street station. Out of fear, I left the train. As I was getting off, I saw people looking at me with pity and I knew they could sense my fear. One commenter even mouthed ‘sorry’ to me. 16 year old girl being harassed by an older man and everyone was silent.

I was alone.


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