Anyone Can Be Assaulted (m/no age given)

I’m a portly gentleman; about 4 years ago on a Friday night I was coming home from a very long day/week of work around 11:30pm and was feeling rather sleepy. I got off the train at Burrard and there were the usual number of people off to parties that you see on the train. I was standing, riding the escalator up, listening to my headphones. Suddenly, a hand went between my legs and went up my crack and squeeze my ass cheek. I was so completely stunned. I turned around and on the next step below there was a standard looking yaletown club girl who was turned to a male companion on the next step below her and she was laughing hysterically. I didn’t know what to do, I just turned back around and started walking quickly up the escalator as quickly as I could.
Even today telling the story freaks me out. I wish I had turned around and told her to fuck off and pushed her and her friend down the escalator.


3 thoughts on “Anyone Can Be Assaulted (m/no age given)

  1. I really appreciate you sharing a Male perspective. Often this gets over looked. That girl and her boyfriend are creeps – Its not funny, its not a joke you are making someone feel disrespected and objectified.

    • Although our data suggest that this is disproportionately an issue where women are harassed by men, we’ve always maintained that people of any gender can be affected by sex/gender harassment. We happened to get our first two stories from men today, and, as such, we posted them!

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