Sickening & Surreptitious

This happened about four years ago (I was 21) when I first moved to Vancouver.  I was heading downtown on the 22 one evening and the bus was pretty crowded.  I was sitting in the first row of seats on the upper level when an older man sat beside me.  At first I thought I was being paranoid when it seemed like I was kind of being squished into the wall, then I noticed he was actually spreading his legs pretty far apart.  In the window I could see the reflection of the man touching himself.  He had his penis totally out of his pants and was using his jacket to hide it from everyone else on the bus.  At this point I was pretty horrified and wasn’t sure what to do.  I ended up pushing my way past him and told the bus driver, but he wasn’t sure what to do and the man got off at the next stop.  I reported the incident to Translink who then passed it onto the VPD but unfortunately I didn’t have a physical description of the man so it couldn’t go much further than that.


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