The Legend of the Helpful Bystander (22/f)

I’m 22 and about a week ago I was on the Skytrain going from 22nd to Joyce. I was sitting quietly in the middle row when two guys started harassing me. They were making crude remarks and trying to touch me. I was really freaking out and starting to get a little scared when another passenger (who had been sitting quietly & reading in a single seat section) looked up and came over to me and the two guys. He also looked to be in his mid-twenties and I thought he knew the two harassers and started to get a little more scared. Instead, he looked at me and said in an Irish accent, Would you like to have my seat? I jumped at the chance and moved to the more out of the way seat where the guys couldn’t sit beside me. He then stood about a seat in front of me, blocking access to me and carried on reading his book. He got some abuse from the two idiots which he answered with a smile and a polite response (There was something about the way he spoke though, a don’t mess with me vibe). He stayed that way until my stop and never took his eyes off the two guys when I got out. I thanked him as I passed and he smiled, just said “safe home now” and gave a nod. I haven’t seen him since but knowing that there are people out there whom will stick up for a stranger makes me feel a little better about using translink.


5 thoughts on “The Legend of the Helpful Bystander (22/f)

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  2. This is a bit of a random question, but do you know the colour of the book cover he was reading?
    If it was a yellow cover with some red writing on it I know who that guy is. He’s on that line daily as he works in Richmond and catches the 410 bus.

  3. this is amazing… its good to see there are still people out there who not only care but are willing to put themselves at risk to help a fellow person specially a women in need… this guy is a true gentleman and i thank him for his strength!!!!!

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