Obviously not an “accident” (19/f at the time)

This was a long time ago when I was in my undergrad at UBC.
I was on the 99B-Line and at that time (I’m not sure about now) the busses in the mornings used to be packed with people trying to get to school in the morning.  It wasn’t uncommon to be very close to other passengers.
One time I was sitting down on one of the front-facing seats on the bottom level in front of the middle set of double doors.  The bus got busier and a man stood in front of me.  As the bus got busier he started to get closer to me with his crotch- shoulder level to me.  Finally he started rubbing up against me and I wasn’t quite sure if it was by accident.  He then hung his hand down in front of me and started to “accidentally” graze my chest.  He kept doing it until finally I knew it wasn’t just by accident and it was harassment.
At that time I shifted my body away from his and at the MacDonald bus stop he got off the bus quickly.

The worst part is that I felt so angry at myself that I didn’t make a public spectacle of his harassment when I noticed it.  It caught me so off guard that someone would do that!  And I felt really dirty and disgusting.  I still feel disgusting when I think about it.  I think I was 19 at that time… that was 10 years ago and I remember every detail.

Really, thank you for starting this site.  So many women are harassed on the transit system and what is SO sad is that it is so common for women to be sexually harassed (verbally and physically) that we don’t report it because it isn’t seen as a crime like a physical fight.  It should’t have to get to the point of rape for authorities to take action.


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