30 Year Transit Veteran Shares Her Take

I have taken transit for over 30 yrs.  I have never learned how to drive a car because transit is just so much cheaper.  I don’t have to deal with car payments, insurance, gas money, repairs, ect.  Plus, I feel I am one of those drivers people would scream at to get off the road…lol.

Truthfully, I cant even remember ALL of the things that have happened to me over the years.  I think I take them all with a grain of salt now.  But that’s not to say I haven’t had any guys that have made me feel uncomfortable or nervous to be around.

I have had the guys who sit much to close, doesn’t stop talking to me, hits on me, puts his crotch in my face, holds my hand and doesn’t want to let go.  The same as a lot of women it seems.   They seem so common they aren’t even Facebook status worthy.   Which is pretty sad.  Especially because I post a lot of stuff on it!  lol..

At Broadway skytrain, my friend and I were waiting to get on.  I noticed a creepy guy leering at my friend when he walked past us.  I mentioned it to her but she hadn’t noticed.  He walked to the other end of the track so I didn’t think any more of it.  When we got on the skytrain he made it in the door before it closed.  He immediately started leering t her again.  We took some seats and he sat across from us.  He would not stop staring at her and finally said, “I could bite you.”  She was visibly shaken and tried to ignore him.  I looked at him and immediately said, “wow, that’s awfully violent.”  He got off at the next stop.  LOL..

I’m in no way bragging but I’m tall and have very large breasts.  😦 lol.   Luckily, no one has outright grabbed them with their hands.   BUT I have had dozens of men ‘accidentally’ rub up against them.  When when standing on a crowded bus/skytrain, a guy, sometimes, over dramatizes the jerking of the train to use his elbow or the outside of his arm to touch them.  its gotten to the point where I think its more pathetic then anything.  I just roll my eyes and turn around now.

After reading several of the stories on here, I’ve come to realize I probably have an unhealthy acceptance for harassment on transit that I wouldn’t tolerate anywhere else.   Its almost like when you ride transit, you HAVE TO deal with these type of issues.  When in an ideal world, you shouldn’t have too.

I don’t blame all of Translink for things that the passengers do.  They have no control over it.  As for them dealing with it.. that also has to do with each individual too.  Translink can only tell their employees to do their jobs.  Its up to the individual to do it or not. If they don’t, then people should complain about them to management.  Translink needs to have the complaints in order to do something.  Otherwise, they don’t know anything is wrong.


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