A Compendium of Creepitude

 I saw a guy who was very high and could barely stand up straight. He got on the train and started peeing all over the seats. He looked at me and started wobbling, ended up peeing on himself and told me to keep my mouth shut or else. His pee soaked hand touched my arm as he held it and made the “shhhh” gesture with his other hand. A lady got on the train and sat where he had peed and he laughed like the devil before getting off the train.

A guy and his friends were drunk and one of them was very hostile looking. He announced that he was ready to start a fight because he just got out of jail and now he wanted to kill people.  He was being vulgar and swearing when he sniffed some weed in the air and completely went psycho. He pulled out a knife and started shouting “who has fucking weed.” There was about 15 people on the train at the time and he made a bunch of them empty their pockets and he ran off the train like a bat out of hell. I nearly fainted, I was so scared. The police got on at the following stop, but instead of getting word of the robbery at knife point, they got the victims to come off the train with them for fare evasion. Again, I had nearly fainted and was so scared because of previous incidents where I will never trust any law enforcement who works at Translink:

A guy needed to get home on the last 97. It was snowing and he didn’t have change for a five dollar bill. He pleaded his case, but there was security guards on the bus that were making sure everyone paid their fare. They dragged him off the bus and pepper sprayed him. Then one of them did a running soccer style kick to his face. At that point, the driver left because someone shouted that they needed to make a connection with the last community shuttle.

Another time, I needed to get off at the next stop, so I rang the bell. The bus driver slammed on the brakes and turned around and yelled at me, “Where the fuck do you think you’re getting off!?!?!” I didn’t answer. I was too afraid. Another guy stepped in and started arguing with the bus driver for yelling and swearing at a lady. The driver told him to get off the bus, but they kept arguing. I was frozen stiff and he started driving recklessly across Coquitlam.


2 thoughts on “A Compendium of Creepitude

  1. Hello. It’s troubling to read your story – it’s quite scary. It’s also troubling to hear you don’t trust us. What time/date did this happen? I’d like to check that the people we spoke with ended up telling the officers about the robbery. Did you speak with police? I would like to check if we missed anything. I can be messaged on Twitter @CstGWalker or Facebook.com/CstGWalker. Thx.

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