A Real Collection of Winners

I remember in the early 90’s there used to be a guy that liked to ride the trolley busses back and forth across Burrard Bridge just to rub up against females.  Then several years ago a guy in his early thirties in a suit sat next to me on Skytrain during an early summer evening commute home from downtown Vancouver to New West.  When he noticed me starting to doze off, he started playing pocket pool and rubbing his leg quite hard against mine.  I got up, called him a loser and got off early at 22nd Street.  Another time on Skytrain there was a middle-aged man talking very loudly in a derogatory manner about Asians – this was around ten in the morning on the west-bound Expo Line, and sadly there were several Asian ladies and a few older Asian men just sitting there with there heads lowered having to listen to him.  I got up and leaned again the wall opposite him and looked at him until he asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted him to either shut up or get off the train.  He shut up.  And just a several weeks ago late on a Sunday afternoon , an elderly South Asian man accosted me as I got off the escalator entering New West Station, wanting to know:  (a) if I was married and (b) if I was a Canadian citizen.  I had the feeling he was shopping for a wife for someone, maybe him, maybe not.


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