Annoying Cycle

I was 19 at the time of this incident. My friend and I just finished class and we were taking the the Canada Line Skytrain home. We found a spot to lean on against the wall designated for people with bikes – since there were no seats available. At one of the stops, a 40 year old man with a bicycle entered and stood right beside us. A few minutes later he started talking to my friend and I and asked me if I wanted to sit on his bike seat in a flirtatious tone. This attention was unwanted and I felt very uncomfortable with the way he was speaking to us. The man then positioned his bike in a manner that blocked my friend and I into a corner. I was quite scared and I looked into the eyes of the passengers in front of me hoping that somebody would say something. They gave me blank stares and didn’t say a word. We waited for the next stop and my friend forcefully moved his bike and left. I was following right after her and the man tried to block my access once again. Luckily, I was able to make my way off the Skytrain. Once we left the Skytrain, we entered through another door further along the train and found a seat far away from our original spot.

The main message I would like to put out there is that if you’re a passenger and you see something that isn’t right, please speak up and say something.


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