Double Dose of Eww.

Story #1: Riding the train from Columbia to Granville one morning. An middle age, nicely dressed man got on the train at Nanaimo. I’m sitting down so he is standing sideways facing me. Proceeds to rub his crotch on my shoulder (had enough that I moved a bit) so I move over in my seat. He moves closer and it happens two more times. I got off at Broadway and took the next train.

Story #2: Coming home from Vancouver on the skytrain. A guy gets on & tries to strike up a conversation, I talk a bit but go back to reading my book. About a minute later I can feel something on the back of my head. I realize that the guy is touching and trying to sniff my hair. I told him to not touch me, he apologized. Two minutes later I feel it again. I told him to stop touching me and p*ss off, got off at the next station and cabbed home.


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