Double Double Recoil and Rebuttal (F/25)

This happened to me when I was 19, I was on the 41 bus coming home from UBC. At around Fraser street an older man (probably in his 50s) got on the bus. At this point I was with two friends (one male and one female). The man was standing near where we were sitting and I could tell was leering at my chest. I told my male friend and he stared at the man until they made eye contact and that made the man back off. He walked towards the back of bus and I felt better. My friends got off at Victoria and I stayed on the bus. Once they left the bus, the man came back and sat next to me. He was extremely close to me and I could smell his very potent BO. He put one hand down his pants and the other between his leg and mine and started caressing my leg. I was disgusted, I stayed silent for about 30 seconds hoping he would stop. When he didn’t, I started shuffling away from him but he kept edging closer. Until I couldn’t get away from him, so I stood up and told him to stop caressing my leg because he’s disgusting and that he needed to take a shower and buy some deodorant. I got off at the next stop even though it wasn’t my stop.

I saw him again a couple weeks later and he had cornered another girl in a two seater. I could tell by her body language he was doing the same thing to her. I should have intervened… But thankfully he got off soon after.

My second story happened a couple months after that. I use to be a server at earls, and after work one day I took the sky train to meet some friends for the fireworks. The earls “uniform” is always a short skirt and I didn’t have time to change. I waited for the train at metrotown and I guess caught the eye of a transit security guard. He said hi to me on the platform, which wasn’t suspicious because I frequently see transit employees greet people. I said hi back, and actually felt kind of relieved that he was there on a pretty deserted platform. He asked me where I was going and I told him to main street where my friends would be picking me up. He told me that main st station is pretty unsafe at night and he will accompany me there. I thanked him and said it’s okay because my friends including my ex bf are going to be there before I will and said they will meet me on the platform. He insisted that I shouldn’t ride alone and got on the train with me. He was probably in his early to mid thirties and was nice enough not to raise any red flags. He asked me my name and I gave him a fake one. He asked me where I went to school and I said UBC to which he replied: “wow, pretty and smart”. I thanked him, and he asked me if I liked working at earls. That creeped me out because I didn’t tell him I worked at earls. I stayed quiet and he scrambled to explain he likes earls and my clothing looked like something earls girls wore. I gave a vague chuckle and didn’t confirm that’s where I worked. Then he told me that if I told him where and when I worked he would come eat there and leave me a nice tip. I told him that’s not necessary. At this point I had tried to stop the conversation by putting my earbuds on but it wasn’t working. He just kept talking and asking me invasive questions like why I was hanging out with my ex, do I have a lot of exbfs, why we broke up etc. He finally asked me for my phone number. He was really polite and nice through out the whole exchange but I was creeped out. I firmly told him no, that I’m not interested and thanked him for accompanying me but what he was doing was highly inappropriate. He became flustered and tried to tell me I was flattering myself if I thought he was interested in me. Luckily for me, we had gotten to main street and I quickly ran off without him following me.


One thought on “Double Double Recoil and Rebuttal (F/25)

  1. The “transit security guard” was most likely a Skytrain Attendant, who are not Transit Security Officers. Transit Security Officers work in pairs.

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