I can’t even think of a worthy title for this, just UGH. (f/18)

When I was about 18, I was coming home from work on one of the crowded afternoon rush skytrains. I managed to be able to find a seat closest to the walkway down the centre of the train. It became so crowded everyone was shoulder to shoulder. I was just minding my own business listening to my iPod when I felt something being placed on my shoulder. I looked over and saw an older man in his 50’s, literally wearing those large bifocal glasses with a pedo-stache. I looked on my shoulder and realized he had plopped his erection on it. I was so terrified and in so much shock I tried to move over closer to the person sitting beside me to get away from it. They looked at me annoyed but then realized why I was moving over and gave me a look that pretty much said “oh god thank god I’m not sitting there”. The man with the erection proceeded to move closer to me to put it back on my shoulder. Just then the train stopped and thank god it was my stop anyways. I got off and ran home crying. I felt so disgusted and violated and terrified the man was going to follow me hence why I ran. When I got home my boyfriend said I should go to the police but I didn’t want to. Knowing how many people take transit I knew nothing would have come of it except for me to have to explain the situation in detail to strangers. I hate transit so much and that situation made me so paranoid for years.


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