Just Resting My Hand

So this was on the millenium line which I take every morning to get to VCC-Clark.  As always, it was super packed around 8am when everyone is trying to get to work/UBC by 9am.  As I was standing in this super packed train, I felt something at my butt.  At first, I thought it was just someone’s bag or their body rubbing against my butt since it was super packed.  I looked behind me and saw this man’s (~40-50 years old) hand right beside my bum.  It wasn’t in contact with my bum until i turned my head around and thought to myself that it was probably just my imagination.  However, after 5 seconds, I felt something again.. it was as if the side of his hand was against my bum.. I inched away (but couldn’t get far b/c of this super packed train) but I felt it again!  Every time I looked, I just couldn’t catch his hand in contact with my body.. Not to be judgemental, but he did not look like someone that was going to work.. he looked like some creep.. Anyway, these creeps need to get lost.


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