Ladies Be Creepin’ (35/m)

While I don’t doubt that the majority of transit incidents involve males harassing females, this is not always the case.

I am 35 and male, though I look much younger.  I caught the b-line at Cambie, heading towards broadway station.  It had been a long day at work, and I wasn’t in the best mood.  The bus was packed, as usual, and I was standing in the aisle holding on with one hand and reading with the other.

Two young ladies had boarded after me and ended up on either side of me.  After pulling away I began to notice one of them, wearing a low-cut shirt, was continually pressing her breasts against my shoulder.  At first I assumed this was due to the motion of the bus, but then saw her surreptitiously making eye contact with her friend and smirking whilst trying to catch my eyes as well.

When I didn’t rise to the bait the contact became more pronounced.  By the time I rang the bell she had pressed herself against me so that my shoulder was literally between her breasts.

I pretended to be too engrossed in my novel, but it was very uncomfortable, strange, and embarrassing.


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