Myriad Monstrosities (f/24)

~It was Christmas and I was on the train from Surrey Central to Metrotown for my second Christmas. I was staring out the window when an older, Sikh gentleman walked over to me. He rubbed his crotch on my shoulder and then asked where I was going alone. I ignored him and then he yelled at me to look at him. I did and then he asked if I was looking for some holiday spirit while gyrating. I got off the train at Metrotown and called my sister to come meet me. I was on the platform alone so I started to walk to the exit when I noticed the guy got off the train and was following. Everytime I turned around to spot him, he was closer but stopped walking. I waited on the platform in front of a camera until my sister showed up. I didn’t want to leave the area alone.

~ I was walking along Granville and a large, Native guy around 40 years old followed me from Granville station to Broadway where I switched trains at Commercial. Thinking I was being paranoid, I ignored the fact when I got on the train at Commercial. He then came up to me and commented on my ass. I ignored him. I got off at the next stop and switched cars but as the doors were closing, he got into the same car as me. I stayed there and he kept glancing over at me until I got to Lougheed. I had texted my boyfriend to make sure he would be waiting for me. When I got off the train, so did the guy. I quickly walked towards the bus loop exit, hoping to see a transit supervisor or cop but there was none. Once I got to the bottom of the stairs, I walked quickly to my boyfriends car. It was only once I was inside it, did the guy turn around and walk back to the train.

~I was on the bus once and a white drunk man with red hair around 40/45 years old tried to read my texts and then start up a conversation with me even though I had my head phones in. I took them out so I could hear what he was saying to which his pick up line was “I’m the texting champion of North America.” I just said that, that was nice (trying to amuse him). He then asked for my name and number. I refused so he started calling me a dumb bitch. When I had to get up since it was my stop, he wouldn’t move so I had to push past him.

~I was standing on the platform at Commerical when four tall, skinny, white guys around 20/25 years old stood around me. They started commenting on how hot I was and what they wanted to do to me. I ignored them, thinking they would leave. They then started shouting about how they would get my knocked up and how much of a slut I probably was. I continued to ignore them even though I was getting weird looks from other commuters. Once we were on the train, the guys sat further back but about ten minutes into the ride, two of them sat beside me and started talking about how they will make me talk. Then they spotted two other “hot chicks” and let me alone for the rest of the ride.

~It was rush hour and I was on the platform at Broadway trying to catch the train downtown. I didn’t make it onto the train and didn’t want to continue standing on the yellow line so I pushed back against the crowd. That’s when a guy said “oh baby, you know how I like it!” I started to turn around and he grabbed my shoulders to stop me. I yelled “get off” and the people to my right moved so I could walk away. I didn’t turn around to get a description of the guy, I just wanted away.

~I have red hair so that draws attention sometimes. I was on the train and these three chicks started screaming at me about how “Gingers are ugly” and how I should “go die”. They then started commenting about how no one would ever “have sex with that” and that they would be watching me so if I reproduced they would “kill it since nothing should be born from a Ginger”. They then started making sexual gestures to “show me things that you will never have”. I switched cars and they didn’t follow.


One thought on “Myriad Monstrosities (f/24)

  1. this is soooo freaking rude!!! Im sorry these girls were so harsh… i ❤ gingers my dad was a ginger and my 3 month old has little bits of grandpa … I hope hes a ginger!

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