Night Bus Opportunist (24/f)

When I was living on Commercial Drive I frequently took the N20 bus home at night– weekends that meant it was packed with drunk people from the Astoria and the Waldorf. One night I was tired and leaning against the window with my eyes closed on the way home when a youngish 20-something guy smelling like beer and cigarettes got on the bus and at next to me. I could feel him turning in his seat to look at me so I just kept pretending to be asleep, thinking he was planning to strike up a drunk conversation. But instead he decided I was asleep or passed out, and put his hand on my inner thigh, sliding it up under my skirt. I was so shocked, I opened my eyes and stared at him. He just leered at me and squeezed my leg. I wrenched his hand off, climbed over him and got off the bus at the next stop– which was fortunately just one before my usual. I was so flustered and upset, I kept thinking that I wished I had yelled at him or hit him for thinking that he could grope a supposedly-sleeping girl on the bus. But I don’t think it would have made a difference, and I’m always afraid of making guys like that angry in case they follow me off the bus or something, because I just think– what else are they capable of doing?


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