Oh, noble B-Line. (21/f)

I have three examples that I can think of off the top of my head.

The first: I was sitting on the sideways-facing seats on a fairly crowded Bline bus. This elderly man was standing in front of me, and as time went by, he gradually pushed his crotch more and more onto my knees/the binder I was holding in my lap. I was bothered at first, but thought it was just a coincidence and it was crowded. He never looked at me, but kept gradually putting more and more pressure on me, despite the fact that there was space clearing out on the bus. He was wearing sweatpants, so there was a lot of junk outline, and finally when he got super up close I was like “what are you doing?” Even at that point I wasn’t 100% sure he was accosting me, but he mumbled and walked away, and I looked over to see him leaning over another girl, pretending to be straining to see out the window, in the exact same way (despite more room all the time).

The second instance was at a bus stop, again waiting for the Bline at Fraser. This guy saw me from across the street and crossed over to talk to me, getting really close and speaking really aggressively. He started asking me questions like my name, where I was going, and I eventually told him to leave me alone. He asked if I had a boyfriend, and when I answered yes he called me ugly and finally left me alone. That one was particularly scary because of how close he got to me and how angry he seemed.

And lastly I was on the number 16 bus going home from downtown and these two guys got on the bus. They were obviously drunk, and one guy sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and his face right next to mine, and started saying I was pretty and asking me to come out with them. I was sitting in the corner seat at the back, and he basically made it so I couldn’t move. I was younger at the time, and not feeling like sticking up to them (the bus was empty if I remember correctly) so I just was dismissive and said I had to go home until they eventually got off and left me alone.

There are so many more general comments and threatening looks I’ve gotten, but these three example popped into my head.



One thought on “Oh, noble B-Line. (21/f)

  1. It’s so transparent how the majority of sexual harassers resort to insulting the person they’re harassing by calling them an “ugly bitch” or any other slew of derogatory names when that person expresses disinterest in their attention. It’s so obviously a result of insecurity and defensiveness that the harasser, who one minute before clearly deemed the person “worthy” of their sexual advances, suddenly writes them off as unattractive–as if the victim ever asked to be approached in the first place! When I was about 16 I was riding my bike on a busy street when I suddenly felt a hand smack my butt, which nearly made me crash. I looked up to see a car full of guys in the early 20s, and was enraged–not only that one of them had touched me inappropriately, but that I could have been seriously hurt by their shitty behavior. When I yelled at them for touching me, one of the guys shouted, “Whatever, you’re not hot anyway!”

    I moved to Vancouver from Oakland, California, a year ago. I have many stories from back home that are similar to those posted on this site, which happened both on transit and the street. I have personally encountered much less harassment in Canada than I did back home (Though it does still happen: Twice now I’ve had men pull up to me at a #9 stop on Broadway to ask me if I’m “working” and, when I haven’t replied, gotten angry and verbally abusive for not getting in their cars). But now I’m starting to realize such behavior is commonplace no matter where you go and I feel naive for thinking it was somehow less of a problem here. It’s clearly a problem everywhere.

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