Paternally Outrageous

Yesterday I was heading to go meet up with a friend. I was waiting for my train at Columbia alone when a man about 40-60 came up to me and started talking about how pretty I was and how he couldn’t stop looking at me. Not wanting to be rude I smiled and then continued texting..then I felt a hand grab my arm so I twist out of his grip and walk down a little. He follows and tries grabbing me quite a few times while saying that I shouldn’t be alone when it’s almost dark and my parents would get worried if anything happened to me. I saw that there was a train coming across the station so I ran down the stairs to switch and just made it.

I am just so sick knowing that I was mistaken for somebody a lot younger than I am and what he would do with someone that young. I had to go out of my way and make a 10 minute trip 30 minutes long because I was scared…and that’s just not okay.


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