Pregnancy Pains

I have a several stories from taking transit, but I’ll narrow it down just by telling you a couple that have happened while I’ve been pregnant or had my infant son with me.

1. On the Canada Line, a man came over and made small talk, asking questions about my son. He asked if he was my first baby. When I said yes, he said “When you’re ready for another one, call me” and then proceeded to make overtly sexual comments and talked graphically about which positions he’d like to get me pregnant in.

2. On a bus in North Vancouver, when I was heavily (past-due) pregnant, a WOMAN said to me “Your husband lets you out that far along?” then looked at my bare ring finger and said “Oh… never mind” and smirked and made a couple snarky comments about ‘unwed single mothers.’

3. Two drunk men on the Skytrain from Vancouver to Burnaby were trying to make small talk to me about my son, and when I started ignoring them, one asked if he could be my next “baby daddy”, and the other says “I don’t want no babies, but I’ll fuck you right”… on the way out the door, one tried to give me his number. He said to call him at ***-***- COKE. Classy.

4. On the #8 bus up Fraser, a very, VERY drunk man got on. Although there were lots of seats further back, he sat right next to me – I had my son in his stroller, and we were at the front of the bus. (I had lifted the side seats and parked the stroller there, and was sitting in the front facing seats.) So the bus is going up Fraser, and this drunk guy is drooling on himself, and he begins to retch. He was inches away from the stroller and I was just thinking, oh God, he’s going to puke on the baby. I pushed the stroller back and then went up to the bus driver, stroller in tow and told him what was going on. He just said “What do you want me to do about it? You can get off and wait for the next bus.” So I got off the bus and waited in the rain for the next one.

5. Getting on to the skytrain, and 2 young guys are getting off. As they walk past, one says loudly “MILF!” and the other guy goes “Yeah, she likes to fuck”

These are just some of the things that have happened in the last 14 months, during the day. My son is almost at the age where he will be able to pick up on some of this stuff, and I’ve been so frustrated by this kind of stuff, that it was a big factor in my decision to buy a vehicle. People are acting like this IN FRONT OF A CHILD. I’m not, by nature, an overprotective person, but I really don’t want my son to see his mother objectified and disrespected and sexually harassed, nor do I want him to think that it is acceptable to behave like that.

There were many worse things that happened when I was younger and would take transit at night, but I’m sure they’re probably just really similar to the other stories being submitted: men making absurd sexual comments and advances on you, guys rubbing their dicks on you on crowded trains, people propositioning you for threesomes (inclusive of female-male, and male-male pairs), drunk men loudly talking about their (presumably fictitious) sexual conquests and the men who call you a bitch (or fat, or a whore, or a cunt) when you turn them down – even politely. You know, all that standard disgusting stuff that shouldn’t happen, but does with such frequency that it’s considered “normal”

**Mod’s note: There could be VOLUMES written about societal entitlement to women’s bodies, ESPECIALLY pregnant bodies. Please don’t ever touch a pregnant belly without explicit permission. Too many people do.


One thought on “Pregnancy Pains

  1. i am scared now about public transit i actually didn’t realize these things were happening and i am starting to worry what would happen if i had a child now and was taking public transit

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