Rough Ride to a Final Exam

I was on a bus, and looking at my cell phone to read text messages. I became aware of a loud conversation across the aisle, a man and his two friends talking about his girlfriend’s behaviour. The subject was cheating, and cell phones. I did my best to just use my phone while trying to be aware of whether the three men would pose a safety problem to me, as they were talking about how “women are sluts” and so on. Then one of the men said, “Like that slut over there on her phone” and started to talk about me. When the bus stopped, that man stepped towards me, held the bar above my head, and shoved his crotch in my face. His friend did the same after him. Their third friend did nothing. Witnesses on the bus did and said nothing. I asked a man across the aisle if he saw that, and he looked away. I was on my way to a final exam that couldn’t be rescheduled without jeopardizing my entry into a professional program, so I continued on and did not make a complaint. I am not sure that a complaint would have done anything except make me more vulnerable.


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