Shoulder Rub

I don’t know if this counts but to me it does. This guy, I guess he just gotten his cell phone and he asked me to help him out with it. Being polite, I did. Afterwards, I guess he got his wires crossed because he mistook my politeness for something else. And I had recently gotten engaged at the time, so my ring was very obvious(huge rock). This did not deter him. He rested his arm across the back of my seat(this was on Skytrain btw), but I thought nothing of it, until I felt his hand touching my bare arm in a way my husband would(had he seen it he’d have had something to say I’m sure). This made alarm bells go off in my mind, and my gut instinct told me I needed to leave. Luckily the train was approaching Metrotown, so I made like I was getting off to go shopping.

Luckily, that’s the only time I’ve had unwanted attention.


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