Skeezy Squeeze

This was several years ago now, but in the spring of 2005, when I was still a student at BCIT and taking the bus across town from the west side of Vancouver every day, I was touched inappropriately by a male passenger. I am a white female and at the time I was 24. I had seen this passenger on the same route (#25 Nanaimo Stn/Boundary) for most of the school year; we both caught the same bus most mornings. The morning of my incident It was very crowded. I always got on first (at Granville) and had gotten a seat near the front; he got on around Main St. That morning there were few seats available by the time we reached that stop. There was one next to me and that’s where he sat. At first I thought he was just reaching for his pocket, but felt strangely like he purposely touched me each (3) time he “reached for his pocket”. A few minutes later, as we were reaching the turn from Kingsway to Nanaimo, I felt a very blatant hand under my rear end and a squeeze. Feeling very violated, I jumped out of my seat and made a loud exclamation that this passenger had touched me. As we were so close to the front the bus driver took notice of the situation and after asking us both a couple of questions he very diplomatically asked the male passenger to disembark from the bus. I was grateful for the bus driver’s tact and quick handling of the situation, but still felt very violated and insecure in riding the bus during such peak periods that I was (6:30-8am and 4-6pm). After that I was very quick to get me car reinsured and start driving again. Really not sure how I would have felt if I’d not had another option and was destined to keep riding that bus with that man. I’d only taken the insurance off my vehicle to save money while I was in school, but suddenly found that to not be such of an issue as feeling safe and not spending 3+ hours of my day traveling from Marpole to BCIT.


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