So Alone on a Crowded B-Line (21/f)

Last year during commuting hours on a friday night I was sitting on the B-Line when I noticed an older man who was standing near me staring at me. It was a particularly crowded bus, so I tried not to take notice when he started standing closer to me. I felt like something was wrong, but decided I was probably being paranoid. I tried to look away but could tell he was staring straight at me. Eventually, the man took his hand and shoved it up my skirt. Having already been on alert I immediately threw his hand off of me and pushed him back a bit and yelled “HEY”. I started at him and saw him smiling back at me, almost excited by my reaction. The bus was full, people were staring, but nobody said or did anything. The fact that nobody helped me made me feel so alone at that moment, and I didn’t know what else to do. Thankfully, the bus coming to a stop so I ran to the back of the bus and got off immediately. I walked away making sure he wasn’t following me and decided to go back home.


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