Standing Up

I was riding the number 104 22nd St.  bus a couple years ago.  We arrived at the skytrain station where everyone was to exit the bus, so we were all lined up waiting to leave the bus.  Directly behind me was a man in his mid twenties.  He was south asian.  He reached his hand between my legs and pushed his hand up into my genitals from behind me.  I cannot describe everything he actually did, but i turned very quickly, and he  became very embarrassed and blushed obviously. I  confronted him and he sort of tried to deny it, but he knew that I knew he had done it.  Nobody else could have.  I waited until we were off the  bus,  only a minute later,  and followed him up to the platform a yelled at him, to embarrass him publicly, saying things like “you cannot go around just grabbing girls wherever you want.   People won’t stand for it.  I won’t stand for it.  What if somebody did that to you’re mother, or sister,  or wife, or daughter?”  He ignored me.  I suspect he may have been deterred from grabbing women for  at least a couple hours, as I made his crime aware to all the people around us.


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