The Ol’ Hairy Eyeball (21/f)

One afternoon my boyfriend and I were heading downtown on the #17. We were sitting in the big open bench area at the back of the bus, which was fairly empty. I noticed an older man who was sitting in the back corner seat; he was staring straight at me. At first I just looked away, thinking nothing of it, but I glanced back and he was still staring with this creepy open-mouthed look on his face. I met his gaze and scowled at him, and he looked away. But as the ride continued, every time I turned to look at my boyfriend, I saw that this guy was staring at me again.

Eventually I whispered to my boyfriend that this man was creeping me out, and we moved to the opposite corner of the back bench so that he couldn’t look at me without actually leaning forward to see around the people who were sitting between us. But of course, he leaned forward. He continued to blatantly stare at me for the rest of our ride.

Thankfully there was no verbal or physical abuse, but it was still a very unnerving experience.


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