Who does this??

So this isn’t really sexual harassment, but I was waiting on the (always insanely crowded) Canada Line platform at Granville and Georgia, this past summer, and I was wearing sandals whilst having an infected toe, which I had bandaged fairly well and wanted to let breathe somewhat, since it had been pretty hot, and I didn’t want it to get worse. This guy walks up to me, and points at my foot. “Oh my god, what’s wrong with it?” (and really, you couldn’t see it at all, just that it was bandaged). I said “it’s infected,” trying to (somewhat) politely answer his question, since clearly he lacked the common sense to figure it out, and I was already fairly self-conscious about it. Then he started. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting, you should feel horrible about it. I mean, really, that’s terrible. Oh my god, ew!” I was instantly embarrassed, and felt ridiculed, so I tried to ignore him. He turned to two girls behind him and pointed, “Oh my god, look at her foot; isn’t it disgusting?! I mean, how can you live?” They just both kind of laughed, and I wasn’t sure if he was with them or not, so I ignored him, fuming. Then he said to me, pointing at the tracks, “You should jump. You should just kill yourself. Oh my god, that’s disgusting. You should just jump.” I’m normally a pretty level-headed person, but it was too much to hear. After this guy harassed me for five minutes, in the middle of rush hour, on a platform with hundreds of people, none of whom did ANYTHING, or said anything, I had it. I turned to him, and calmly told him to f*** off. While I’m telling him this, he keeps going on, “No, you should jump. Just kill yourself.”
“NO, F*** OFF!” People turning and staring, doing nothing. The train’s approaching, and he steps towards me, and I actually thought he was going to try to push me off the platform. I’m a very tall woman, and built like a basketball player, so I stood my ground, and he kindof backed off, but when the train stopped, he pushed ahead of me and ran on the train. I still got on, because I was running late, and knew if I waited for another train, I would miss the connecting bus, but I have never been more angry or humiliated in my life. Then he had the nerve to wait in the same car as me, where I told my anger that if he provoked me again, I was just gonna deck him, but luckily for him, he didn’t. The girls from the platform told me after he got off that he wasn’t with them, and that he was crazy, but they still laughed, and they still did nothing about it. If I had waited and told a security guard, they really wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it, because he would have been gone, and all I would have done would be file some incident report. And nobody said or did anything to help me. That, I think, was the biggest insult of all.


**mod’s note: as the submitter herself notes, this isn’t really an incident of sexual harassment, and it’s hard to say if it’s gender-based. But it’s deeply unsettling and worthy of sharing.


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