Would-Be Cannibal (f/early 20s)

This happened years ago when I in my early 20s.

I was waiting at a bus stop near Waterfront station to catch a bus back to Coquitlam after a soccer game.  An man in his 40s approached me and began scolding me for not carrying a “proper lady’s purse”.  I was in my soccer gear and carrying a backpack – seemed pretty appropriate under the circumstances.  I just ignored him.

He then proceeded to pay undue attention to my legs and began commenting on how nice and supple my legs were, which was creepy enough, but he went on to describe how they looked so delicious that he would like to eat them.  He meant that quite literally and went on to describe how he would debone them off me and cook them up in a frying pan with garlic and butter.

This happened in front of several other people, who just looked on.  I was petrified and couldn’t believe no one stepped in to help.  I got on the next bus that came by, even though it wasn’t going where I needed to go and it took me hours of detours to get home.

To this day (and we are now 17 years later), I avoid that area at if at all possible.   I felt frightened and my right to go about my business in peace was violated.  That experience still reverberates with me all these years later and I find travelling alone in certain areas on transit intimidating and feel unsafe.  I prefer to drive if I can.


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