A Nasty Welcome to Vancouver (f/32)

I am 32 years old and I’ve lived in Vancouver for 10 months.

In those 10 months I have been assaulted twice on the skytrain.

The first time, I was standing on a crowded skytrain, wearing a skirt with leggings. When the train pulled into to Metrotown, someone behind me quickly put their hand up my skirt and grabbed me between the cheeks. They then rushed off the train and I never got a good look at him.

The second time, an older man sat next to me on the train and tried to engage me in conversation. He kept looking me up and down very obviously. When we reached my station, I asked him to move so I could get off the train and he refused, forcing me to climb over him and allow my body to rub against his just to get off the train.

In both cases I was utterly humiliated. This behaviour is not ok. Why does anyone think they have any right to treat another person this way.

I don’t understand.


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