Bone to Pick With You

I live in Coquitlam and I had just started taking the skytrain downtown for my new job downtown Vancouver in March. One day, after work, I was on the millenium line and it was packed like sardines as per usual. I was sitting down and there was a male standing by my side; I didn’t think anything of it as the train is so busy. As we moved, he kept coming closer. I looked up, to tell him to get out of my personal bubble, as he looks down at me and PUSHES HIS BONER INTO MY ARM AND TOUCHES MY SHOULDER with his hand.

I freaked out. This is what taking public transit it is? I yelled many profanities that seasoned truckers would be proud of. Then, someone told me to “mind my language”. Thank you residents of Vancouver for NOT helping a young woman.


4 thoughts on “Bone to Pick With You

  1. Dear E,

    I wasn’t generalizing young women; I was referring to myself. If you’re going to correct people maybe you should go somewhere else where people aren’t talking about getting sexually harassed. It not only makes you look insensitive but ridiculous.

    • I’m terribly sorry to come across that way Veronica. My point was merely that any person, regardless of gender, deserves help in a situation such as this. It’s my fault for not specifying this. And in retrospect, I realize that this is a personal story and not a general one; I shouldn’t have said anything. Forgive me.

      – E

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