Drunk Jerks and the Contrast of Considerate Behaviour

Last week, I was waiting to catch the 7 home at around 12:30 am at Davie and Seymour. I had gone out with some friends and had left early insisting I would be fine getting home by myself. We are all UBC students and 20 years old and were very aware of the recent assaults on campus. I was waiting at the bus stop and there was at least eight other people around me also waiting. A group of three older men (late 40’s) were walking down the side walk and as they approached I realized they weren’t walking to avoid me. One of them stopped right in front of me and loudly complimented my appearance and asked where I was going, to which I told him curtly that I was headed home. He then asked for my number and I told him, “No, sorry.” Even though I had made it clear I was not interested, he grabbed my hip/buttock area. I pulled his arm away and he walked off laughing to catch up with his friends. No one around me said anything to him or myself, and I wish that I had told him off. I wasn’t sure what exactly had happened — if it was considered a groping or if I was just being over sensitive.

To support your viewpoint on people with mental illness:

A few minutes later, a homeless man with schizophrenia around my age was asking people waiting at the bus stop for change. I am not sure if he had seen what had happened, but I noticed that he was very hesitant to come up to me and it wasn’t until I was actually getting change out for him that he did come up. It was such a huge contrast from the other men, and I was very grateful that he was so thoughtful as to not approach a girl who was standing alone and might be freaked out.


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