Foot Fetishist

One Friday evening I had just left school and was on the #3 going to Gastown to meet a friend for a fun night. I sat on one of the single seats. A few stops later a man who seemed quite drunk sat in a single seat in front of me. He was hunched over in his seat and his hands slowly made their way to the ground and then close to my feet. Then he touched my shoes. (I was wearing black oxford heels.) I moved my feet away from his hands but his hands followed. The bus was quiet. He whispered to me: “step on my hand”. I felt really disgusted. Then in a louder voice he told me to “step on my hand!” once more. I shouted “NO!” and told him to fuck off.  I moved away to the back of the bus. People were staring at him and at me. Like so many of these stories nobody did anything. He got off the bus before me without any more harassment but I still think of that man.


One thought on “Foot Fetishist

  1. A comment from an anonymous contributor (had to delete the original posting for security reasons):

    Had the same thing happen twice on the #20 going downtown although the bus was empty so there was no one there to see it happen, he would get on at the Hastings Commercial stop. I was wearing steal toes once and sneakers another time. Very creepy.

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